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List: Carolina-Leps
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2020 16:49:36 -0500
From: Jan Hansen (via carolinaleps Mailing List) <carolinaleps...>
Subject: Georgetown County Butterflies-November 14

Susan and I spent about 90 minutes this afternoon birding and butterflying =
around the campground at the Santee Coastal Reserve about 45 minutes south =
of Myrtle Beach. Highlight was a fairly fresh Tropical Checkered-Skipper. C=
omplete list follows:

Cloudless Sulphur-3
Little Yellow-9
Sleepy Orange-1
Gulf Fritillary-7
Zebra Longwing-1
Common Buckeye-1
Carolina Satyr-1
Long-tailed Skipper-11
Tropical Checkered-Skipper-1
Fiery Skipper-1
Ocola Skipper-6

Jan Hansen