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East and Southeast Regions
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8/22/17 11:04 am Carolina-Leps Harry LeGrand (via carolinaleps Mailing List) <carolinaleps...> Reminder: Two eastern NC butterfly counts this weekend
8/22/17 8:34 am NYSButterflies Andrew Block <ablock22168...> [NYSButterflies] <NYSButterflies...> [NYSButterflies] Giant Swallowtail still around
8/22/17 6:32 am MassLep Mark Lynch <moa.lynch...> [MassLep] Giant Swallowtail in Rowe
8/22/17 5:54 am Carolina-Leps Bud (via carolinaleps Mailing List) <carolinaleps...> Byssus skipper-Wake County
Midwest Region
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8/22/17 9:30 am IA-Butterflies 'Leoschke, Mark' <Mark.Leoschke...> [IA-BTRFLY] <IA-BTRFLY...> [IA-BTRFLY] Creating monarch habitat in your Midwestern garden (Field Museum)
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8/22/17 6:57 am Odonata-L =?UTF-8?B?TWF0dGkgSMOkbcOkbMOkaW5lbg==?= <matti.hamalainen...> Re: [Odonata-l] the families of dragonflies