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West and Southwest Regions
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10/25/14 8:24 pm TX-Butterfly Dan Jones <antshrike1...> Resaca de la Palma, 10/25/14
10/25/14 6:37 pm OKLeps 'Jim Arterburn' <jimarterburn...> [okleps] <okleps...> RE: [okleps] RGV trip
10/25/14 6:36 pm OKLeps 'Jim Arterburn' <jimarterburn...> [okleps] <okleps...> RE: [okleps] Photos added to PBase site
East and Southeast Regions
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10/25/14 9:31 pm MassLep donald adams <bankercheryl...> [MassLep] RE: Black Swts
10/25/14 8:24 pm MassLep Michael Newton <newt3d...> [MassLep] Allens Pond and Nasketucket Bay (10/25)
10/25/14 6:50 pm NYSButterflies Sheila Rosenberg <SheilaR235...> [NYSButterflies] <NYSButterflies...> Re: [NYSButterflies] Edgemere Park -- Sulphurous
10/25/14 5:33 pm NYSButterflies Jay McGowan <jwm57...> [NYSButterflies] <NYSButterflies...> Re: [NYSButterflies] Ithaca area leps today
10/25/14 5:13 pm NYSButterflies 'Bill Evans' <wrevans...> [NYSButterflies] <NYSButterflies...> [NYSButterflies] Ithaca area leps today
10/25/14 4:55 pm NYSButterflies 'Rick' <rcech...> [NYSButterflies] <NYSButterflies...> [NYSButterflies] Edgemere Park -- Sulphurous
10/25/14 4:47 pm Carolina-Leps Mike Turner <wmike.turner...> Wake Co., NC butterflies-J.C. Raulston Arboretum-10/25/2014
10/25/14 4:44 pm Carolina-Leps Dennis Forsythe <dennis.forsythe...> Ft. Moultrie, SC leps 25 Oct 2014
10/25/14 4:05 pm Carolina-Leps nottke1 <nottke1...> Forsyth County Monarchs
10/25/14 2:17 pm Carolina-Leps Abdulali, Salman <ABDULALIS...> Pitt County, 25 October 2014
10/25/14 12:35 pm VA-MD-DE-Bugs 'Alex Netherton' <blueridgediscovery...> [VA-MD-DE-Bugs] <VA-MD-DE-Bugs...> [VA-MD-DE-Bugs] Spiders
10/25/14 5:51 am Carolina-Leps Dennis Forsythe <dennis.forsythe...> Colleton Co., SC leps 24 Oct 2014
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10/25/14 7:59 am TexOdes 'Terry Hibbitts' <thibb...> [TexOdes] <TexOdes-noreply...> [TexOdes] Dry Creek, Real County