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West and Southwest Regions
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6/30/16 3:46 pm NorWest Leps Noah Arthur <semirelicta...> [NorWestLeps] <NorWestLeps...> [NorWestLeps] Pipevine Swallowtail and Coronis (probably) Fritillary in Alameda
6/30/16 3:23 pm NorWest Leps Stewart Wechsler <ecostewart...> [NorWestLeps] <NorWestLeps...> [NorWestLeps] possible aestivating Red Admiral larva
6/30/16 1:26 pm TX-Butterfly Philip W. Davis <pwd...> Mimosa Yellows
6/30/16 11:16 am TX-Butterfly Shirley Wilkerson <shirley.wilkerson...> ID confirmation-Mimosa Yellow in Kurten?
6/30/16 7:38 am OKLeps Sandra Schwinn <butterflymombixby...> [okleps] <okleps...> Re: [okleps] Mating Outis Skippers
6/30/16 7:21 am SoWestLep 'Kenneth Davenport' <kdavenport93306...> [SoWestLep] <SoWestLep-noreply...> [SoWestLep] FW: Today at the Dome
6/30/16 7:16 am SoWestLep 'Kenneth Davenport' <kdavenport93306...> [SoWestLep] <SoWestLep-noreply...> [SoWestLep] Fresno Dome trip list
6/30/16 5:34 am OKLeps 'Jim Arterburn' <jimarterburn...> [okleps] <okleps...> RE: [okleps] Mating Outis Skippers
6/30/16 5:12 am SoWestLep 'Kenneth Davenport' <kdavenport93306...> [SoWestLep] <SoWestLep-noreply...> [SoWestLep] Fresno Dome outside Yosemite National Park
East and Southeast Regions
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6/30/16 3:42 pm MassLep lorene melvin <melvinlorene...> [MassLep] FOY Monarch at Plimoth Plantation
6/30/16 6:55 am MassLep Howard Hoople <masslep.hoople...> [MassLep] Walker Festival
6/30/16 6:45 am MassLep Joshua Rose <opihi...> [MassLep] First Catocala!
6/30/16 6:15 am MassLep donald adams <bankercheryl...> [MassLep] More on "Emergence"
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6/30/16 3:29 pm CalOdes Steve Gerow <steve.gerow...> [CalOdes] <CalOdes-noreply...> [CalOdes] Sierra County
6/30/16 6:10 am NEodes 'Michael Moore' <mcmoore32...> [NEodes] <NEodes-noreply...> [NEodes] Lum's Pond Delaware