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Pocket Bird Recorder Screenshots. It's not just for the birds. Keeping butterfly or dragonfly field notes has never been easier.

Top two are Palm OS screens as would appear on any Palm device. Trip species are selected by just ticking the box and then indicating the number seen. Below are screenshots of any Pocket PC devices.

Load a species list, then tick the box to select species. Add numbers seen and other details or notes.

Click either image above to find out more at our website.

Switch to details. Shown here with a dragonfly species list loaded, you can select details such as status, age, sex, and numbers easily.

Pocket Bird Recorder for the Pocket PC. Equal in capability to the Palm system, you can keep detailed notes of your butterfly observations, including, notes, age, sex, and your own customized status information.

Click either image to visit Wildlife Computing's Pocket Bird Recorder web site.

Load it with your dragonflies and damselflies database. You can keep multiple lists, (butterflies, dragonflies, birds) on one device and switch between them in the field. Later download sighitngs information into your PC.

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