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List: Carolina-Leps
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2017 21:58:53 -0400
From: piephofft (via carolinaleps Mailing List) <carolinaleps...>
Subject: Southern Lake Norman Butterflies

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The Southern Lake Norman NABA Butterfly Count was held Sunday August 13, 2017. Nine participants in 4 parties counted 1323 individuals from 59 species. Several common species proved challenging to find while uncommon species often were in the single-digits. Some expected species were totally missed. Highlight was a dion skipper for a first count record.
Areas covered were all in Mecklenburg County.

Pipevine Swallowtail 1
Zebra Sw. 9,
Black Sw. 6
E. Tiger Sw. 65
Spicebush Sw. 3
Cabbage White 2
Orange Sulphur 8
Cloudless Su. 33
Little Yellow 1
Sleepy Orange 12
Juniper Hairstreak 8
Gray Ha. 2
Red-banded Ha
2, E. Tailed-Blue 105
'Summer' Spring Azure 4
Am. Snout 8
Gulf Fritillary 12
Variegated Fr. 11
Gr. Spangled Fr. 1
Silvery Checkerspot 4
Pearl Crescent 23
Question Mark 5
E. Comma 1
Am. Lady 4
Painted La. 2
Red Admiral 5
Com. Buckeye 29,
Red-spotted Purple 19,
Viceroy 5,
Hackberry Emperor 12,
Tawny Em. 4,
S. Pearly-eye 1,
N. Pe.-eye 3,
Creole Pe.-eye 10,
Appalachian Brown 5,
Gemmed Satyr 2,
Carolina Sa. 380,
Monarch 21,
Silver-spotted Skipper 63,
Hoary Edge 1,
S. Cloudywing 3
, Horace's Duskywing 22,
Com. Checkered-Sk. 9,
Com. Sootywing 1,
Swarthy Sk. 1,
Clouded Sk. 45,
Least Sk. 25,
Fiery Sk. 76,
Crossline Sk. 2,
S. Broken-Dash 1,
N. Broken-Da. 1,
Little Glassywing 37,
Sachem 101,
Delaware Sk. 10,
Zabulon Sk. 72,
Dion Sk. 1,
Dun Sk. 9,
Eufala Sk. 2,
Ocola Sk. 13

. Total 59 species, 1323 individuals.

Taylor Piephoff
Matthews, NC

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<font color='black' size='3' face='Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif'>
<div>The Southern Lake Norman NABA Butterfly Count was held Sunday August 13, 2017.&nbsp;Nine participants in 4 parties counted 1323 individuals&nbsp;from 59 species.&nbsp;Several common species proved&nbsp;challenging to find while uncommon species often were in the single-digits.&nbsp;Some expected species were totally missed.&nbsp;Highlight was a dion skipper for a first count record.</div>

<div>Areas covered were all in Mecklenburg County.</div>


<div>&nbsp;Pipevine Swallowtail 1</div>

<div>&nbsp;Zebra Sw. 9,</div>

<div>&nbsp;Black Sw. 6</div>

<div>&nbsp;E. Tiger Sw. 65</div>

<div>&nbsp;Spicebush Sw. 3</div>

<div>&nbsp;Cabbage White 2</div>

<div>&nbsp;Orange Sulphur 8</div>

<div>&nbsp;Cloudless Su. 33</div>

<div>&nbsp;Little Yellow 1</div>

<div>&nbsp;Sleepy Orange 12</div>

<div>&nbsp;Juniper Hairstreak 8</div>

<div>&nbsp;Gray Ha. 2</div>

<div>&nbsp;Red-banded Ha</div>

<div>&nbsp;2, E. Tailed-Blue 105</div>

<div>&nbsp;'Summer' Spring Azure 4</div>

<div>&nbsp;Am. Snout 8</div>

<div>&nbsp;Gulf Fritillary 12</div>

<div>&nbsp;Variegated Fr. 11</div>

<div>&nbsp;Gr. Spangled Fr. 1</div>

<div>&nbsp;Silvery Checkerspot 4</div>

<div>&nbsp;Pearl Crescent 23</div>

<div>&nbsp;Question Mark 5</div>

<div>&nbsp;E. Comma 1</div>

<div>&nbsp;Am. Lady 4</div>

<div>Painted La. 2</div>

<div>&nbsp;Red Admiral 5</div>

<div>&nbsp;Com. Buckeye 29,</div>

<div>&nbsp;Red-spotted Purple 19,</div>

<div>&nbsp;Viceroy 5,</div>

<div>&nbsp;Hackberry Emperor 12,</div>

<div>&nbsp;Tawny Em. 4,</div>

<div>&nbsp;S. Pearly-eye 1,</div>

<div>&nbsp;N. Pe.-eye 3,</div>

<div>&nbsp;Creole Pe.-eye 10,</div>

<div>&nbsp;Appalachian Brown 5,</div>

<div>&nbsp;Gemmed Satyr 2,</div>

<div>&nbsp;Carolina Sa. 380,</div>

<div>&nbsp;Monarch 21,</div>

<div>&nbsp;Silver-spotted Skipper 63,</div>

<div>&nbsp;Hoary Edge 1,</div>

<div>&nbsp;S. Cloudywing 3</div>

<div>, Horace's Duskywing 22,</div>

<div>&nbsp;Com. Checkered-Sk. 9,</div>

<div>&nbsp;Com. Sootywing 1,</div>

<div>&nbsp;Swarthy Sk. 1,</div>

<div>&nbsp;Clouded Sk. 45,</div>

<div>&nbsp;Least Sk. 25,</div>

<div>&nbsp;Fiery Sk. 76,</div>

<div>&nbsp;Crossline Sk. 2,</div>

<div>&nbsp;S. Broken-Dash 1,</div>

<div>&nbsp;N. Broken-Da. 1,</div>

<div>&nbsp;Little Glassywing 37,</div>

<div>&nbsp;Sachem 101,</div>

<div>&nbsp;Delaware Sk. 10,</div>

<div>&nbsp;Zabulon Sk. 72,</div>

<div>&nbsp;Dion Sk. 1,</div>

<div>&nbsp;Dun Sk. 9,</div>

<div>&nbsp;Eufala Sk. 2,</div>

<div>&nbsp;Ocola Sk. 13</div>


<div>. <b>Total</b> 59 species, 1323 individuals. </div>


<div style="clear: both;"><font size="2"><font face="Comic Sans MS, sans-serif">Taylor Piephoff </font><br>

Matthews, NC <br>