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List: Carolina-Leps
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2017 19:32:21 +0000
From: Abdulali, Salman <ABDULALIS...>
Subject: Re: Maple Hill, NC, count results

Here is a link to a photo of a Berry=E2=80=99s Skipper from Onslow County:=
96nU6CZ9I4&e=3D =0D
L96nU6CZ9I4&e=3D >=0D
Salman Abdulali=0D
Greenville, NC=0D
> On Aug 27, 2017, at 10:45 PM, Harry LeGrand <carolinaleps...> wrote=
> =0D
> Yesterday (Aug. 26), we held a new NABA butterfly count in NE Pender and =
adjacent W Onslow counties, NC -- focusing mostly on the Sandy Run Savannas=
State Natural Area. Ed Corey., Salman Abdulali, and Parker Backstrom join=
ed me in 3 parties, on a partly cloudy, mild to warm, and somewhat breezy d=
ay. We knew ahead of time that it was going to a tough count with few butt=
erflies, owing to several major flooding events in fall 2016 (and others in=
years after 2012). I was quite surprised to get the species number we did,=
though hardly anything was seen in double figures (other than the big thre=
e, which likely comprise 80-85% of all butterflies in the count circle!).=0D
> =0D
> Here are our totals (I have lumped # for Pender and Onslow here):=0D
> =0D
> Black Swallowtail 1=0D
> E. Tiger Swallowtail 5=0D
> Spicebush Swallowtail 5=0D
> Palamedes Swallowtail 125=0D
> Cloudless Sulphur 175=0D
> Sleepy Orange 49=0D
> Gray Hairstreak 1=0D
> Red-banded Hairstreak 4=0D
> LITTLE METALMARK 1 not really rare in a normal year, but ....=0D
> Gulf Fritillary 1 nice find=0D
> Pearl Crescent 8=0D
> Common Buckeye 2 ridiculous!=0D
> Red-spotted Purple 1=0D
> Southern Pearly-eye 1=0D
> Carolina Satyr 3 absurd=0D
> Common Wood-Nymph 3=0D
> Monarch 1=0D
> Silver-spotted Skipper 4=0D
> Horace's Duskywing 3=0D
> Zarucco Duskywing 1=0D
> Swarthy Skipper 3=0D
> Clouded Skipper 3=0D
> Least Skipper 9=0D
> Fiery Skipper 8=0D
> Tawny-edged Skipper 3=0D
> Whirlabout 4 good total for this year=0D
> Southern Broken-dash 1=0D
> Sachem 1 female=0D
> Delaware Skipper 5=0D
> Byssus Skipper 7 =0D
> Yehl Skipper 1=0D
> Dion Skipper 1=0D
> BERRY'S SKIPPER 2 photos of both; new Onslow record=0D
> Dun Skipper 1=0D
> Twin-spot Skipper 8 nice total=0D
> Ocola Skipper 2=0D
> =0D
> 37 species.=0D
> =0D
> Note the lack of roadside-skippers, many spreadwing skippers, most brushf=
oots (such as ladies, anglewings), blues, and many other expected species.=
> =0D
> Harry LeGrand=0D
> Raleigh=0D