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List: TX-Butterfly
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2017 22:29:12 -0500
From: Dora Smith <villandra24...>
Subject: Best strategies for looking for southern flannel moth larvae

I could use some pointers for finding southern flannel moth larvae- also
called puss, asp and Donald Trump caterpillars. Megalopyge opercularis.

Their larvae are ordinarily most numerous about now.

First of all I can't discover if they are more likely to be found at midday,
early in the morning, or at night? Is one more likely to see them if the
weather is hot, warm, or cold? Most bugs don't prefer to be active in

Are they really most likely to be found on the leaves of favored trees and
shrubs, or are they more likely to be found on bark or crawling on wooden

I found a You Tube video of them chewing large holes in elm leaves, but in
the laboratory they do better on a diet based on wheat germ. I don't know
what to think.

They seem to like moister parts of the country and maybe more forested
areas, so would I find them in open areas or deep in the woods?



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