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List: Odonata-L
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2017 10:17:41 +0100
From: Ali <ali.salamun...>
Subject: Re: [Odonata-l] question about Sympecma fusca

Hello, Dennis

For S. fusca in Slovenia we have early records for tenerals from
beginning of March (8.3.) and late records from first half of September
(13.9.). There are also records from October of larvae (6.10.) and
juvenile adults (8.10.).

So there is at least a possibility for a summer generation and even for
overwintering larvae.

regards, Ali Salamun

On 21.11.2017 2:52, Dennis Paulson-IMAP wrote:
> Hello, all.
> I am trying to figure out the life history of /Sympecma fusca/ in
> Europe. I know the adults overwinter and breed very early in spring,
> and their larvae develop through the summer and emerge in fall, those
> adults then overwintering. So this is simple, one generation per year.
> What I would like to know is if any adults emerge early enough to
> breed in the fall and either (a) have overwintering larvae and/or (b)
> have larvae that develop rapidly enough to emerge for a second
> generation in the summer.
> Many thanks to anyone who can clear this up for me.
> Dennis Paulson
> Seattle, WA
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