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List: Odonata-L
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2017 11:14:50 -0800
From: Dennis Paulson <dennispaulson...>
Subject: [Odonata-l] odonate websites

Hello, all.

i=92m writing a general book on Odonata, and I=92m listing significant webs=
ites under =93Further Resources.=94 I would appreciate knowledge of the mos=
t important websites for this group in your part of the world. I think I ha=
ve North America covered adequately, but I know my list from elsewhere in t=
he world is doubtless incomplete. Even US and Canadian websites that I migh=
t not know about would be of interest, but they have to be fairly general, =
not =93odonates I have seen in Washington County."

Thanks for any help, and you=92ll be assuring that your favorite websites a=
re included in the book!

Dennis Paulson
Seattle, WA
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