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List: TX-Butterfly
Date: Sat, 9 Mar 2019 22:56:02 -0800
From: William F Purcell <bpurcell...>
Subject: Early spring sightings

<DIV style="font-family:Arial, sans-serif; font-size:10pt;"><DIV><BR></DIV><DIV>During a wildflower-viewing excursion on Friday, I saw scores of black swallowtails enjoying the paintbrush and magenta phlox across Guadalupe and Atascosa Counties.&nbsp;&nbsp; Back home on Saturday, I had a few Red Admirals on the Bradford Pear in the back yard;&nbsp; I also had Red Admiral and Funereal Duskywing on the Redbud.&nbsp; I had brief glimpses at several sulphurs at Old Settler's Park in Round Rock, but wasn't able to ID individual species at a glance.</DIV><DIV><BR></DIV><DIV>It's nice to see real signs of Spring after sub-freezing temperatures just a few days ago.</DIV><DIV><BR></DIV><DIV>Bill Purcell, Hutto (Williamson County).<BR></DIV></DIV>
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