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List: MassLep
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2019 14:37:47 -0400
From: Barbara M Volkle <barb620...>
Subject: Re: [MassLep] New Code of Ethics now on the MBC webpage


Sorry to be tardy getting back to you but I was away until earlier
this week and am catching up. You raise a good point. While we are trying
to balance the need to have butterflies reported by city/town as against
the threats raised by reporting exact locations where a sensitive species
is found, not every situation can be resolved by adherence to a strict
rule. Yes some may determine that a rare sighting by you in Worcester
County means it is at one of several locations you visit in Shrewsbury but
that leaves a lot of uncertainty for someone who might want to collect or
might damage the habitat.

I think you have a few options. You could report all of the non-sensitive
species by city/town and simply leave out the sensitive specie. You could
then do a separate report of the sensitive specie by county or simply not
report it on the internet. In either case you should send an email to Mark
about the sensitive specie. I would hope that you would continue reporting
all the non-sensitive species by city/town as you have in the past as I
have always found them to be informative.

Steve Moore
Northborough, MA

On 7/1/2019 9:52 AM, Bruce deGraaf wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> I reviewed the Code of Ethics and have questions and concerns regarding
reporting species that are supposed to be reported only their county
location. I have taken numerous walks in Shrewsbury where I have seen one
or more of the species restricted to county level reporting plus
additional other species. Am I supposed to issue a single report that
cites the county where I saw all the species seen or two reports, one for
those that are OK to list by city and second for species restricted to
county level reporting? For someone like me who concentrates on locations,
primarily in Shrewsbury, perhaps all my reports should only be at the
county level since it would be easy to assume my report was from
Shrewsbury or the places that I frequent. If all my reports are by
county, are we losing some fidelity regarding the distribution of
butterflies in our state? I have to also wonder if we are actually
revealing a rare species location if we report by the city level.
> For now, I have held up reporting my reports from this year until I feel
confident about how these sightings should be handled.
> Thank,
> Bruce deGraaf
> Worcester County, Massachusetts