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List: Carolina-Leps
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2020 10:52:00 -0400
From: Dennis Forsythe (via carolinaleps Mailing List) <carolinaleps...>
Subject: Palmer Bridge and Mills Branch Rds, Charleston Co., SC

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Yesterday Donna and I spent the afternoon on Palmer Bridge and Mills Branch
Rds in the Charleston Co.section of the Francis Marion National Forest.
We had
Palmer Bridge Rd. 12:30-2:35 PM
Palamedes Swallowtail 40
E. Tiger Swallowtail 18 including 1 dark form female
Summer Azure 1
Common Buckeye 1
Pearl Crescent 11
Little Wood Satyr 1
Silver-spotted Skipper 1 very worn
Tropical Checkered-Skipper 3
Horace's Duskywing 3
Byssus Skipper 10
Fiery Skipper 1
Yehl Skipper 1
Twin-spotted Skipper 12
Swarthy Skipper 1
Clouded Skipper 2

Mills Branch Rd 2:40-3:40
Palamedes Swallowtail 26
E. Tiger Swallowtail 5
Sleepy Orange 1
Monarch 4
Pearl Crescent 12
Horace's Duskywing 2
Byssus Skipper 6
Twin-Spot Skipper 24

Good butterlying


Dennis M. Forsythe PhD
South Carolina Christmas Bird Count Editor
South Carolina eButterfly reviewer
Emeritus Professor of Biology
The Citadel
171 Moultrie St,
Charleston, SC 29409

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<div dir=3D"ltr"><div>All,</div><div><br></div><div>Yesterday Donna and I s=
pent the afternoon on Palmer Bridge and Mills Branch Rds in the Charleston =
Co.section of the Francis Marion National Forest. <br></div><div>We had <br=
></div><div>Palmer Bridge Rd.=C2=A0 12:30-2:35 PM</div><div>Palamedes Swall=
owtail 40<br></div><div>E. Tiger Swallowtail 18 including 1 dark form femal=
e<br></div><div>Summer Azure 1</div><div>Common Buckeye 1<br></div><div>Pea=
rl Crescent 11</div><div>Little Wood Satyr 1</div><div>Silver-spotted Skipp=
er 1 very worn <br></div><div>Tropical Checkered-Skipper 3</div><div>Horace=
&#39;s Duskywing 3 <br></div><div>Byssus Skipper 10</div><div>Fiery Skipper=
1</div><div>Yehl Skipper 1</div><div>Twin-spotted Skipper 12</div><div>Swa=
rthy Skipper 1</div><div>Clouded Skipper 2</div><div><br></div><div>Mills B=
ranch Rd 2:40-3:40</div><div>Palamedes Swallowtail 26</div><div>E. Tiger Sw=
allowtail 5</div><div>Sleepy Orange 1<br></div><div>Monarch 4</div><div>Pea=
rl Crescent 12</div><div>Horace&#39;s Duskywing 2</div><div>Byssus Skipper =
6</div><div>Twin-Spot Skipper=C2=A0 24</div><div><br></div><div>Good butter=
v><div><br></div><div><br></div><div> <br>-- <br><div dir=3D"ltr" data-smar=
tmail=3D"gmail_signature"><div dir=3D"ltr"><div><div dir=3D"ltr"><div><div =
dir=3D"ltr"><div><div dir=3D"ltr">Dennis M. Forsythe PhD<div>South Carolina=
Christmas Bird Count Editor</div><div>South Carolina eButterfly reviewer</=
div><div>Emeritus Professor of Biology</div><div>The Citadel</div><div><div=
><div>171 Moultrie St,<br>Charleston, SC 29409<br>843.795.3996-home<br>843.=
953.7264-fax<br>843.708.1605-cell<br><a href=3D"mailto:dennis.forsythe@gmai=
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