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List: Carolina-Leps
Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2020 15:04:41 +0000 (UTC)
From: JOHN DEMKO <jldemko...>
Subject: Updated Yard Survey For October 4th Aiken

Two of the 8 Long-tailed Skippers listed in my yard survey in Aiken, SC on =
October 4th turned out to be Dorantes Longtails after further review.=C2=A0=
This is the first time I have ever observed them and this is the first sig=
hting in Aiken County.=C2=A0 I used to look for them in my yard but was tol=
d by almost everyone they do not occur around here.=C2=A0 After many, many,=
many futile attempts through the years I gave up ever seeing one locally.=
=C2=A0 Moral of the story:=C2=A0 If something on a butterfly looks strange,=
it may not be what you think it is but is actually something else no matte=
r what the range maps say.=C2=A0 Thanks to two experts as well as other kno=
wledgeable people for taking the time to look at my photos and give their o=

John Demko