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List: Carolina-Leps
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 2021 14:28:07 -0400
From: Doug Allen (via carolinaleps Mailing List) <carolinaleps...>
Subject: A few upstate SC butterflies Spartanburg County

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Holston Creek Park had lots of dragonflies (no damsels) at its several
ponds, and two juvenile Little Blue Herons, first I've seen in Spartanburg
County. Few flowers. Two mile hike.

1 Tiger Swallowtail
1 Cloudless Sulphur
1 Pearl Crescent
1 Common Buckeye
1 Red-spotted Purple
4 Carolina Satyr
7 Common/White Checkered-Skipper
1 Silver-spotted Skipper
1 Eufala Skipper
3 Fiery Skipper
3 Sachem

When I got home I found more butterflies on my lantana and butterfly bush
than during the 2 mile hile. These are typical numbers here this week-

1 Black Swallowtail
2 Spicebush Swallowtail
7 Tiger Swallowtail
2 Gulf Fritillary
1 Variegated Fritillary
1 Pearl Crescent
1 American Lady
! Red-spotted Purple figtree on over-ripe fig
2 Carolina Satyr by woods
8 Silver-spotted Skipper
5 Long-tailed Skipper
8 Fiery Skipper
7 Sachem

Last year we had almost no Cabbage Whites or Sachem. We continue to have
few Cabbage Whites, but Sachems have returned to normal numbers.

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<div dir=3D"ltr"><font size=3D"4">Holston Creek Park had lots of dragonflie=
s (no damsels) at its several ponds, and two juvenile Little Blue Herons, f=
irst I&#39;ve seen in Spartanburg County.=C2=A0 Few flowers.=C2=A0 Two mile=
=C2=A0hike.</font><div><font size=3D"4"><br></font></div><div><font size=3D=
"4">1 Tiger Swallowtail</font></div><div><font size=3D"4">1 Cloudless Sulph=
ur</font></div><div><font size=3D"4">1 Pearl Crescent</font></div><div><fon=
t size=3D"4">1 Common Buckeye</font></div><div><font size=3D"4">1 Red-spott=
ed Purple</font></div><div><font size=3D"4">4 Carolina Satyr</font></div><d=
iv><font size=3D"4">7 Common/White Checkered-Skipper</font></div><div><font=
size=3D"4">1 Silver-spotted Skipper</font></div><div><font size=3D"4">1 Eu=
fala=C2=A0Skipper</font></div><div><font size=3D"4">3 Fiery Skipper</font><=
/div><div><font size=3D"4">3 Sachem</font></div><div><font size=3D"4"><br><=
/font></div><div><font size=3D"4">When I got home I found more butterflies =
on my lantana and butterfly bush than during the 2 mile hile.=C2=A0 These a=
re typical numbers here this week-</font></div><div><font size=3D"4"><br></=
font></div><div><font size=3D"4">1 Black Swallowtail</font></div><div><font=
size=3D"4">2 Spicebush Swallowtail</font></div><div><font size=3D"4">7 Tig=
er Swallowtail</font></div><div><font size=3D"4">2 Gulf Fritillary</font></=
div><div><font size=3D"4">1 Variegated Fritillary</font></div><div><font si=
ze=3D"4">1 Pearl Crescent</font></div><div><font size=3D"4">1 American Lady=
</font></div><div><font size=3D"4">! Red-spotted Purple=C2=A0 =C2=A0figtree=
on over-ripe fig</font></div><div><font size=3D"4">2 Carolina Satyr by woo=
ds</font></div><div><font size=3D"4">8 Silver-spotted Skipper</font></div><=
div><font size=3D"4">5 Long-tailed Skipper</font></div><div><font size=3D"4=
">8 Fiery Skipper</font></div><div><font size=3D"4">7 Sachem</font></div><d=
iv><font size=3D"4"><br></font></div><div><font size=3D"4">Last year we had=
almost no Cabbage Whites=C2=A0or Sachem.=C2=A0 We continue to have few Cab=
bage Whites, but Sachems have returned to normal numbers.</font></div><div>=
<font size=3D"4"><br></font></div><div><font size=3D"4"><br></font></div><d=
iv><font size=3D"4"><br></font></div></div>