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List: Carolina-Leps
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2022 10:47:11 -0400
From: Susan Andrews <swandrews...>
Subject: Butterflies, Brunswick Co., NC.

Bald Head Island, NC
9/18/22, 8:40-9:00am
West Beach Access 1 (trail to Cape Fear River)

Over 200 Gulf Fritillaries in less than 20 minutes (displaying migratory beh=

My morning birding trip switched to butterflies quickly!
As I stepped onto the beach, large continuous groups of Gulf Fritillaries (n=
o Monarchs) we=E2=80=99re coming through the Sea Oats onto the beach, then f=
lying low and steadily east, and into a head wind. I followed them down the b=
each to an area just upstream of the mouth of Bald Head Creek. They all were=
crossing the Creek in this one area. I followed them (through bins) across t=
he Creek, but lost track as they got into the dune scrub on the other side. T=
heir trajectory looked to be towards Cape Creek.

Anyone know where they=E2=80=99re headed? Do we have an overwintering popula=
tion in NC, or will they eventually go south?

On the way down to the beach, other Gulf Fritillaries were nectaring on the f=
ollowing natives: dune blue curls, sand bean, beach blanket-flower, coastal m=
orning-glory, camphor weed, and dayflower.

Susan Andrews
BHI & Winston Salem, NC
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