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List: MassLep
Date: Mon, 22 May 2023 16:56:46 -0400
From: Mark Rosenstein <mar...>
Subject: [MassLep] Horn Pond Mountain, Woburn

Today I went to Horn Pond Mountain in Woburn, and found 3 Juniper
Hairstreaks on the group of 6-8 foot tall junipers at the summit. Photo:

Complete list:

Black Swallowtail, Papilio polyxenes: 2
Spicebush Swallowtail, Papilio troilus: 1
Cabbage White, Pieris rapae: 4
Eastern Pine Elfin, Callophrys niphon: 1
Juniper Hairstreak, Callophrys gryneus: 3
Spring Azure, Celastrina ladon: 1
Mourning Cloak, Nymphalis antiopa: 1
American Lady, Vanessa virginiensis: 1
Juvenal's Duskywing, Erynnis juvenalis: 5

9 species, 19 individuals


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