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List: Carolina-Leps
Date: Thu, 25 May 2023 20:49:07 -0400
From: Doug Allen (via carolinaleps Mailing List) <carolinaleps...>
Subject: Inman yard butterflies

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My next door neighbor's gardens across the lane had the following around 11
AM this morning-

1 Eastern-tailed Blue
11 American Lady
1 Horace's Duskywing fresh female
4 Silver-spotted Skipper

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<div dir=3D"ltr">My next door neighbor&#39;s gardens across the lane had th=
e following around=C2=A011 AM this morning-<div><br></div><div>1 Eastern-ta=
iled Blue</div><div>11 American Lady</div><div>1 Horace&#39;s Duskywing=C2=
=A0 =C2=A0fresh female</div><div>4 Silver-spotted Skipper</div></div>