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List: TX-Butterfly
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2023 16:51:12 -0500
From: Tim Jones <deforest...>
Subject: Monarchs!

For the first time in years it seems monarchs are coming through.=20
I counted five in the air and on flowers over our little pond a few=20
minutes ago.
We planted an oasis of frostweed plants around the house years ago=20
and now scores of stalks from each plant are producing flowers.=20
The monarchs finally found them.

I feared the exceptional drought and 100+=C2=BA days all summer in these=20=

parts would have done in the butterflies but migrants are appearing.

Can=E2=80=99t believe I=E2=80=99m thrilled at seeing five monarchs, but =
I am.

Tim Jones
Waterstone Wildlife
on the Blanco River,
Wimberley, Tx=

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