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3/1/15 8:04 am Rick Borchelt <rborchelt...> [VA-MD-DE-Bugs] <VA-MD-DE-Bugs...> [VA-MD-DE-Bugs] The 22nd Approximation for Butterflies of North Carolina
2/26/15 8:08 am Rick Borchelt <rborchelt...> [VA-MD-DE-Bugs] <VA-MD-DE-Bugs...> [VA-MD-DE-Bugs] The Story of a Butterfly Big Year
2/23/15 5:37 am 'The Kuder Family' <treetops5...> [VA-MD-DE-Bugs] <VA-MD-DE-Bugs...> [VA-MD-DE-Bugs] Beginners Beekeeping Course
2/22/15 1:54 pm 'Kuehn, Faith (DDA)' <Faith.Kuehn...> [VA-MD-DE-Bugs] <VA-MD-DE-Bugs...> [VA-MD-DE-Bugs] Free Family Program, 3/15 in Rehoboth Beach, "It's a Bug's World", Entomological Society of America
2/10/15 10:20 am Rick Borchelt <rborchelt...> [VA-MD-DE-Bugs] <VA-MD-DE-Bugs...> [VA-MD-DE-Bugs] Re: [washbutterflies] Monarchs at tmw's PGAS Mtg
2/9/15 7:16 am Lynette Fullerton <l_fullerton_1999...> [VA-MD-DE-Bugs] <VA-MD-DE-Bugs...> [VA-MD-DE-Bugs] Monarchs at tmw's PGAS Mtg
2/2/15 11:07 am 'Smith, Richard H.' <Richard.Smith...> [VA-MD-DE-Bugs] <VA-MD-DE-Bugs...> [VA-MD-DE-Bugs] Announcement of New Butterfly Records Reported in 2014 Covering Maryland, Delaware, and District of Columbia
2/2/15 10:15 am 'Smith, Richard H.' <Richard.Smith...> [VA-MD-DE-Bugs] <VA-MD-DE-Bugs...> [VA-MD-DE-Bugs] 2015 Announcement and Update on the Butterfly Unknown Species Status Project in Maryland, Delaware, and DC [2 Attachments]
2/2/15 7:35 am sally o'byrne <salobyrne...> [VA-MD-DE-Bugs] <VA-MD-DE-Bugs...> [VA-MD-DE-Bugs] Insect and Spider themed art show