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1/19/17 9:34 am 'Leoschke, Mark' <Mark.Leoschke...> [IA-BTRFLY] <IA-BTRFLY...> [IA-BTRFLY] Pioneers of Ecological Restoration: The People and Legacy of the University of Wisconsin Arboretum (book)
1/13/17 8:07 am 'Leoschke, Mark' <Mark.Leoschke...> [IA-BTRFLY] <IA-BTRFLY...> [IA-BTRFLY] Memoirs of Black Entomologists (Entomological Society of America)
1/12/17 7:46 am 'Leoschke, Mark' <Mark.Leoschke...> [IA-BTRFLY] <IA-BTRFLY...> [IA-BTRFLY] Photos from the western USA of tortricid moths whose larvae are leafrollers
1/10/17 11:36 am mark leoschke <nutrush...> [IA-BTRFLY] <IA-BTRFLY...> [IA-BTRFLY] 9th Annual Day of Insects at Reiman Gardens - Schedule and Registration Now Online