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11/22/14 8:04 pm mark leoschke <nutrush...> [IA-BTRFLY] <IA-BTRFLY...> [IA-BTRFLY] Seeing Butterflies: New Perspectives on Colour, Patterns & Mimicry (new book)
11/9/14 7:23 pm mark leoschke <nutrush...> [IA-BTRFLY] <IA-BTRFLY...> [IA-BTRFLY] 'Darwin's Dilemma' May Be Solved (ABC News)
11/6/14 11:27 am 'Leoschke, Mark [DNR]' <Mark.Leoschke...> [IA-BTRFLY] <IA-BTRFLY...> [IA-BTRFLY] Scientists offer new knowledge on 're-discovered' switchgrass moth (South Dakota)
11/6/14 8:58 am 'Leoschke, Mark [DNR]' <Mark.Leoschke...> [IA-BTRFLY] <IA-BTRFLY...> [IA-BTRFLY] FW: Fall into savings from University of Iowa Press