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1/18/20 1:27 pm mark leoschke <nutrush...> [IA-BTRFLY] <IA-BTRFLY...> [IA-BTRFLY] =?Windows-1252?Q?Florida_Explored:_The_Philadelphia_Connection_in_Bartram?= =?Windows-1252?Q?=92s_Tracks_(new_book)?=
1/15/20 8:12 am mark leoschke <nutrush...> [IA-BTRFLY] <IA-BTRFLY...> [IA-BTRFLY] The Garden Jungle or Gardening to Save the Planet Dave Goulson (British book)
1/9/20 9:44 am mark leoschke <nutrush...> [IA-BTRFLY] <IA-BTRFLY...> [IA-BTRFLY] Iowa Prairie Network Winter Seminar at Ames High School Saturday, January 25
12/23/19 10:00 am mark leoschke <nutrush...> [IA-BTRFLY] <IA-BTRFLY...> [IA-BTRFLY] Islands of Grass by Trevor Herriot (book about Saskatchewan's native prairies-- great text and beautiful photos)