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11/30/17 12:48 pm 'Leoschke, Mark' <Mark.Leoschke...> [IA-BTRFLY] <IA-BTRFLY...> [IA-BTRFLY] The Lost Species GREAT EXPEDITIONS IN THE COLLECTIONS OF NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUMS (book)
11/25/17 4:59 pm mark leoschke <nutrush...> [IA-BTRFLY] <IA-BTRFLY...> [IA-BTRFLY] Western Canada's ice age melt offers preview for modern climate change (CBC News)
11/23/17 3:59 pm 'Leoschke, Mark' <Mark.Leoschke...> [IA-BTRFLY] <IA-BTRFLY...> [IA-BTRFLY] Fwd: [IOWA-INSECTS] Hawk moth population trend study in New England